Loose Fit - Stupid Drama (FatCat Records) 

Release Date: Out Now

Australian quartet Loose Fit are sold as Sleaford Mods with saxophones and who doesn't want to find out what that sounds like? Nobody I like, that's for sure. The band's new single, 'Stupid Drama', starts with a piercing sax riff atop some art-punk guitars and an impatient rhythm section leading up to some brilliantly post-punk yelped vocals. The Blockheads, Franz Ferdinand, Talking Heads and the Fall are all in there as influences with elements of funk, punk, indie and art-rock all getting their 15 seconds in the spotlight. The track sounds amazing but the prospect of this coming blasting out of a PA from a stage bristling with frenetic energy is about as tantalising as prospects get. 

More information: https://www.instagram.com/loose___fit