Abrasive Trees - Moulding Heaven With Earth 

Release Date: 28th April 2022

So Abrasive Trees are calling this release an EP although it is essentially two tracks plus a remix so I'm a little on the fence. Nevertheless, 'Moulding Heaven With Earth' is such a striking piece of art that it pretty much transcends pigeon holing so I'm not going to dwell. The title track is a gentle tangel of guitars and what sounds like a sitar underneath a deadpan spoken word delivery until a melody starts to chime out with a vibe that feels like it got lost in the jungle when they were filming Apocalypse Now. A crunching drum sound joins in and the tracks builds to a gloriously chaotic crescendo which will leave the listener feeling spent. 

'Kali' is the other track by the Devon based collective which has a more conformist structure but still manages to stir up images with the soundscapes it creates on the journey from quiet introduction to climactic and doomy ending. The Rothko remix of 'Moulding Heaven With Earth' manages to make the track darker somehow as it shudders and shakes with Trainspotting energy, making the lights flicker and the shadows vibrate in time with the beat. Abrasive Trees are doing something special, something vital and I, for one, want to hear more. 

More information: https://www.facebook.com/abrasivetrees

Live Dates: 

22nd April - The Fish Factory, Penryn