Tiny Dyno - Comparison Club EP 

Release Date: 17th March 2022

Indie-pop duo Tiny Dyno are one of those bands that I know I can always rely on to not only deliver the goods but also balance out my mood like that first sip of wine after a long day or an episode of your favourite classic sitcom. The Bristolian pair open their new EP with 'Something' which blends the deadpan pop vocal delivery of Dubstar and St Etienne with some choppy indie guitars and a driving beat that hit right at the heart of things. 'Insomnia' has a more spaced out vibe with elements of Goldfrapp and Bowie sneaking in but a guitar riff that makes me want to listen to Cake more often (that's Goldfrapp, Cake and Bowie in one song - what's not to love about that?). 

'Sail Way' had a dreamy quality that feels like a grey autumn weekend affair in Brighton featuring long walks on the beach and uncomfortable silences over coffee as the guitars battle the vocals for control of the situation. The EP closes out on 'Still' which is my favourite of the four tracks with its warmth of melody juxtaposed with the icy cold vocals that remind me of Sophie Ellis-Bexter in her theaudience period. I feel like Tiny Dyno are one of those bands that could have a real cult following and a mega-hit attached to a lo-fi movie soundtrack but even if they don't I'll always love their indie-pop nuggets of gorgeousness that they create. 

More information: https://www.facebook.com/TinyDynoBand