Nina Nesbitt - When You Lose Someone 

Release Date: Out Now

So, this one comes with a trigger warning for anyone going through a period of grief at the moment because the emotion running through this one is as raw as they come. Nina Nesbitt brings 'When You Lose Someone' to the table and it obviously comes from a point of experience channelled through her perfectly poised and superbly structured pop. The sparse and lonely piano melody is soon joined by a vocal taking you through the stages of grief singing "I go from feeling numb to feeling everything at once" like she's trying to explain her emotion to someone for the first time. Honestly, in the hands of an Adele, Ariana or even Little Mix this would be a huge song overlaying every montage about someone passing but for now this is just for us and it is perfect in its raw simplicity and honesty. The saddest potential single of the year every but it would be a deserved winner. 

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