Arny Margaret - Intertwined EP (One Little 
Independent Records)

Release Date: Out Now

Every now and again, an artist comes along that just resonates with where you are in your life and over the last ten days or so that artist has been Icelandic singer-songwriter Arny Margaret. With her 'Intertwined' EP, Arny Margaret brought peace, tranquility and a sense of groundedness to a period of time where the world seemed determined to burn and for that I will be eternally grateful so I wanted to share that simple joy with you all too. 

Opening with the title track 'Intertwined', we are treated to a Laura Marling-esque slice of introspective folk where near-whispered vocals emerge atop intricate guitar string picking and you can almost hear the Starlings tweeting in the background. 'Akureyri' (the fourth largest municipality in Iceland according to Wikepedia) has a travelling vibe and it makes you want to get on a long distance bus just so you can watch the landscape rolling by as Arny Margaret seranades you deep inside your soul. 

The stand out track, for me, is the life cycle story of 'Tall Buildings' which speaks of the ridiculous of the way we grow up, go to work in high rise buildings until we have paid our dues and our debts, allowing us to return to the nature we abandoned in favour of the pursuit of money. There is a sadness to the lyrics and the vocal delivery but also a sense of quiet hope that lets you know it is all going to be alright in the end. The closing track is 'Sometime' which has a richer guitar tone but still maintains that intimate and effortlessly beautiful tone much like Wildwood Kin in their quieter moments. Arny Margaret came along just when I needed her and maybe, just maybe, you need her music too. 

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