The Black Tabasco Project - Bite The Pepper 

Release Date: Out Now

The Black Tabasco Project are the fabulously named Greek indie rock band behind new album 'Bite The Pepper' and it's a whopper. The party gets started with 'Superficial' snarling and lurching in to life with a Black Keys meets Royal Blood riff and slithering beat full of menace. 'Never Had' keeps the energy high as the guitars and vocals pair up on a hypnotic melody bleeding in from the corners of the club before 'Greedy Little Sucker' comes in whooping and hollering like Jet riding in to the saloon on their hogs. 

On 'Best Punch', the mood drops down in to something more moody and smoky in atmosphere that blends Rag'n'Bone with that Black Keys influence again. 'This Is' brings the vibe back up with chiming guitars, driving beats and classy vocals before 'Motors On' gets that chugging energy back punctuated by handclaps and a real sense of rock'n'roll bravado. Penultimate track 'Black Leather' is a far more slow and plodding track than that title might suggest but the atmospheric expanse it creates is beautiful in a Fleetwood Mac kinda way. This collection closes out on 'Rain', a tune which speaks to a more expansive and psyched out side to the band. 'Bite The Pepper' comes at you hard and throws you a few curve balls along the way but it's a trip and life is all about the trip, after all. 

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