Professor Green - Dance Like A Tory 

Release Date: Out Now

The British government are almost (almost) beyond satire now with their antics and shenanigans but, thankfully, we still have the likes of Professor Green holding them to account and basically take the piss. 'Dance Like A Tory' features a dirty beat and bass combo, Professor Green's trademark rap style and some daliances with an Eton accent but the real star here is the lyrical content; 

Nobody cared about care homes
They should have all been in their homes
Instead they all round Boris'
All getting down with their Doris'
Getting Mat Hancocks in their offices
If I had a party, their would have been officers
While they were getting down on the dancefloor
Can I get a "we don't need a covid passport"

It's a banger and the Tories are scum. Simple as that. 

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