Corinna Jane - Queen of Wands EP 

Release Date: Out Now

First things first, can we all just agree that 'Queens of Wands' is an outstanding name for an EP? Good. Now, on to the main agenda - namely, this excellent collection from Corinna Jane, a singer-songwriter with mastery of the English, French and German languages as well as the language of music. The EP opens up with 'Give Me A Sign', a piano based melody that swells and builds in to a powerful, elemental and cinematic tune that really stops you in your tracks. On 'I'm Not Ready Now', Corinna Jane takes a more sombre approach but the piano and that pure vocal are still front and centre, just where they should be. 

Flexing her songwriting muscles, Corinna Jane takes a more jazzy path on 'Shockwaves' which exists just the right side of a modern musical number with a little hint of Tim Minchin about the structures. On 'Rainy Day (London Cafe)' might only be 63 seconds in length but the vocals stream through like a melodic daydream with teacup percussion and before you know it, the song is gone and you feel uplifted without knowing why. By contrast, 'One Last Seranade' is a many layered song that builds with precision, ambition and no little emotion. The closing track is 'It Was Alright' and again we're veering towards the kind of songwriting you would expect to find on Broadway or in the West End but with sincerety and talent at every turn. Corinna Jane has an intoxicating mix of talent, ambition, fearlessness and a real ear for a melody which means that, with the right guidance and a fair wind, good times are just around the corner. 

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