Charlie Tyler - Surrender The Ghosts EP 

Release Date: 10th December 2021

It has been, to say the least, a prolific year for Charlie Tyler and 'Surrender the Ghosts' is her second EP of 2021. Opening with 'Silent All These Years', Tyler takes on a Europop vibe complete with pulsing beats and vocoder vocal effect that makes this about as far from the Tori Amos song of the same name as its possible to be. Title track 'Surrender The Ghosts' continues the upbeat pop vibe with bouncing bass notes and highly processed beats maintaining a high energy level. On 'Silver Bullet' the tempo slides back slightly to give this a La Roux feel and an element of alt-pop edge in the chorus. 

The sparse piano melody of 'Long Way To Fall' gives Tyler's voice a chance to shine through without distraction and gives you a chance to catch your breath. The bubbling melodies of 'Your Biggest Mistake' feel like they're going to explode and, sure enough, the chorus kicks up a few levels without losing the overall feel of the song. The six track EP closes out with 'Never Known', a guitar based melody that has a 90s heart and again shows off the range of Tyler's soulful and pure vocal. It is a strange opportunity to watch an artists sound develop and unfold through trial and error (and success) in front of you but that is a facet of the internet and its impact on the music industry I suppose. And its an opportunity that Cornish artist Tyler is grabbing with both hands.