Bailey Tomkinson - SKIN 

Release Date: 10th December 2021

It has been a strong 2021 for St Ives singer-songwriter Bailey Tomkinson and she's finishing the year on a high note with new single, 'SKIN'. Initially, this is a subdued, late night break up song full of that last ounces of fight to get out of a toxic relationship before it drags you both to the bottom of a lake of despair. Tomkinson's voice is smooth, rich and inviting on its own but when you add in the heartbeat rhythm, delicately sprinkled keys and firefly melodies this becomes a truly bewitching listen. I think its about time Bailey Tomkinson got her sound in to more ears so I fully expect more to come in 2022 but this will more than suffice until then. 

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Live Dates: 

28th December - The Arts Club, St Ives w/Jamie Yost

23rd April - Old Bakery Studios, Truro (Full Band Show)