Alix Page - Radiohead 

Release Date: Out Now

There is something incredibly arresting about the simplicity of this new single from American singer-songwriter Alix Page. 'Radiohead' has a sense of sombre regret as it looks back while the guitar strums and vocals drift out as sweetly as a songbird. "I think you might've ruined Radiohead" is the key and damning line of the chorus that tells you everything you need to know about Page and the focus of her songwriting. Don't mistake the delicate nature of this song, however, because the words hit hard and with purpose so I would advise you not to let your guard down for a single second. 

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Live Dates: 

FEB 2 - Salt Lake City, UT

FEB 4 - Denver, CO

FEB 7 - Minneapolis, MN

FEB 8 - Chicago, IL

FEB 10 - Toronto, ON

FEB 11 - Montreal, QC

FEB 12 - Cambridge, MA

FEB 14 - New York, NY 

FEB 15 - Brooklyn, NY

FEB 17 - Philadelphia, PA

FEB 19 - Washington DC

FEB 21 - Nashville, TN

FEB 25 - Dallas, TX 

FEB 26 - Austin, TX

MARCH 1 - Phoenix, AZ

MARCH 4 - Los Angeles, CA

MARCH 7 - San Francisco, CA

MARCH 9 - Portland, OR

MARCH 12 - Vancouver, BC

MARCH 13 - Seattle, WA

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