UPSAHL - Lady Jesus (Arista Records) 

Release Date: Out Now

First up, I have to apologise for not getting this one out sooner. I've genuinely been enjoying the album like a fan and neglected to write up a review for you guys. Now, on to this superb long player 'Lady Jesus' from Arizona's UPSAHL which is ten tracks of edgy, infectious and uplifting alt-pop from an entirely enthralling song writer. 

Things get underway with 'Douchebag', a song that does what it says on the tin taking down an ex with dead-eyed slacker energy played out over the kind of tune that would fit perfectly in to a 90s bromance comedy. 'Melatonin', by contrast, is a more theatrical track that initially sprawls out over a luxurious piano before strutting out in a ball-gown paired with cherry red DMs and a bottle of Jack. Recent single 'Time Of My Life' tackles the disappointment of living in your best days and not enjoying them over a tune that Katy Perry would kill for (like, straight up murder). 

'Lunatic' continues the theme of leaving an old life behind with the energy of Angie and lyrics about punching a guy "in your tiny dick" - It's a strong vibe. The garage-punk bass line of 'Thriving' draws you in to a track that twists and turns on your expectations as the Beach Boys-esque harmonies mix with Sleigh Bells energy and indifference for days. If you're looking for the anthem on this record then look no further than 'Notorious' that is perfect for the club as well as a packed out venue and should have arms waving in the air if people are paying attention. 

'IDFWFEELINGS' is a song of defiance stays chillingly calm as the bass pops, the beat shimmies and the whole song operates in the shadows so you never get a good look at it. Far from an ode to one of the most worrying drinks of the 20th Century, 'Sunny D' is a collaboration that sees UPSAHL finding a new confidence and a hedonistic way forwards. "There's a lot of vampires in this city" is the opening line of 'Last Supper' and it feels like the most honest and open track on the album as UPSAHL sings "I live every day like it's the last supper" with the double meaning of living life to it's fullest but not trusting those hanging on to you. 

The album closes off with title track 'Lady Jesus' which revels in an 80s inspired bass line and that Sleigh Bells energy is back in the distorted vocals and uncompromising style. What I absolutely love about UPSAHL is that she is 22, she is writing her own story and she is doing it with style, honest and a real talent for song writing. This is no pop puppet or talent show sausage meat, UPSAHL is the real deal and this album is just the beginning. 

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