Torrid (A Love Affair) - Good Enough (Lights &

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Brighton's Torrid (A Love Affair) are instantly recognisable as one of those bands that don't care about following the beaten path or fitting in to a neat little pigeon hole ready to be judged and dismissed by the X-Factor watching masses. 'Good Enough' kicks off with a barrelling riff'n'beat combo before the surprisingly soft, 60s inspired vocals tame the beast for the length of a verse at least. The chorus kicks a little harder and that combination of rock with the sultry vocal tones is genuinely arresting and makes for one of the more unique band sounds on the British scene at the moment. There is a little work to be done on the production but song and the musicianship is there so the rest is just window dressing. 

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Live Dates: 

10th December - The Bugle, Brighton

18th December - Women Who Rock @ Backbeat Bar & Bassment, Brighton

28th December - The Factory Live, Brighton w/the Lanes + Riversun

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