Them Velvet Tongues - I Am The Drug 

Release Date: 25th November 2021

If you're one of those people that bemoans the lack of fresh British rock'n'roll talent then get involved with Lancashire newcomers Them Velvet Tongues. The Blackburn five piece drop their debut single 'I Am The Drug' and its full of British influences from Kasabian and Oasis to the Who and the Happy Mondays as the guitars create an impressive wall of noise, the drums punch hard and the vocals sound like a street corner preacher with Mick Jagger's swagger and Shaun Ryder's attitude. There are some dubious fashion choices in the video and a lot of indoor sunglasses wearing but musically this is as powerful and attention grabbing an introduction as your likely to find in this year or the next. 

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27th November - This Feeling @ Electric Church Club, Blackburn