The Windy Mesa House Band - I Can Help 

Release Date: Out Now

Long time readers of this blog will now I've had a long running love affair with a band called Failure Machine and, more specifically, their frontman Spencer Kilpatrick who is one of the most talented bluesmen currently walking this earth. I thought the trail had gone cold but Kilpatrick has resurfaced with a tight little trio by the name of the Windy Mesa House Band and their first release in to this world is a cover of the Billy Swan classic, 'I Can Help'. A gentle bass line and lurching beat get us going before Kilpatrick's twitching guitar joins in and we have a tune on our hands. Then comes that rasping vocal that I know and love so much and suddenly the tune becomes a song, a song that you want to just lie back in after a big, deep breath with your eyes closed and the problems of the world all locked outside your door. I may have to ressurect my campaign to get these guys flown over from Nowheresville USA to the UK for my own personal enjoyment - and yours if you want to join me. 

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