The Assist - Irrational Movements 

Release Date: 12th November 2021

To say the Assist might the biggest and best to come out of Walsall somewhat undersells just what an exciting band they are. Their new single 'Irrational Movements' is the kind of anthemic indie that could only come out of the UK and, without sounding trite, from the poorer side of the tracks. The energy behind this track is the same as that early Happy Mondays or Stone Roses stuff but with the slicker production that comes from making music in the year 2021. "We're all so desperate for approval I'm scared" they sing with punchy vocal delivery, the track breaks down as though they've tripped over their own feet but the swagger picks up where they left off and there's an ear bleedingly good guitar solo to seal the deal. Did anyone order an athem? Anyone? 

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