Mrley - Love You London EP 

Release Date: Out Now

As odes to London town go, this EP from Mrley is one of the most urgent and raw I can think of in recent years. 'Love You London' is the debut EP from one of 2021's most exciting new talents and things kick off (literally) with 'My Side of London' staggering frantically through a garage-punk riff-fest that takes you on a walking tour of Mrley's manor. 'So Much To Say' takes the same energy but channels it through some dark, trip-hop meets dub step vibes with those raw, strained guitars still screeching away in the background. This isn't for the faint hearted but then neither is London so it works perfectly. 

The middle track of this collection is 'Sat On The Fence' which has a lighter heart with a rolling bass line and skanking guitars getting eveyone moving and bouncing off the walls. 'On A Boat' takes that ska vibe, adds some jangly guitars and Mrley's trademark vocal which flits between rap, rock, ska and spoken word in the vein of Mike Skinner or Jamie T. Things come to a head with final track 'Nature of the City' which makes me want to cruise the streets of London at night, hopping from bar to bar, meeting up with mates and sampling the best kebabs and fried chicken on offer. This isn't a tourism advert for the Queen's back yard but it is the sound of a young man who had his ears open whilst growing up in the cultural melting pot that is London and it is a glorious sound indeed. 

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