Louis Dunford - My Generation (Sony RCA UK)

Release Date: Out Now

I've not come across the work of Louis Dunford before but I'm glad I have now because this might be the one. This might be the song that describes our times and I bet you can't listen to 'My Generation' without feeling a pang of sadness, guilt, regret or just feeling like you should pick up the phone and check on a mate or a family member. Dunford's smooth but honest vocal is unassuming but the gradual build of the melody is like Embrace or the Verve sliding up towards a stadium filling anthem. "God only know what we're trying for, God only knows what we're dying for" he sings in the chorus, summing up his view of the world that takes in queues at food banks, single mothers signing on and the choice between heating and eating. There is despair and defeat all over this track but from that grows the green shoots of hope that are nurtured and encouraged by love, community and genuine heart. One of my favourite songs of 2021 but I wish to God it didn't have to exist. 

More information: https://www.facebook.com/louisdunfordmusic 

Live Dates: 

21st April 2022 - Union Chapel, London

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