Hockeysmith - It's Happening/You're Happening 

Release Date: 25th November 2021

So this is two tracks from Cornwall's enigmatic Hockeysmith which means it can be sold as an EP or a single but I'm firmly in the double-A side single camp. Up first is 'You're Happening', a track that feels like a tripped-out electro jam at two in the morning with various sounds, beats and vibes just floating in and out waiting for you to latch on to one and follow it down the rabbit hole. It is, however, in the context of the second song that the first one makes sense as 'It's Happening' arrives like a pimped up ice cream van with a banging soundsystem just as you start coming up. Woozy but focused, this has the same energy of trying to find your way through a packed club to your friends while the music disorientates, delights and distracts at every step. There's also a bit that sounds like Crazy Frog which is a singularly unique influence at the moment. 

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