Fly Yeti Fly - Make A Ring

Release Date: 28th November 2021

Formerly of South Devon, folk duo Fly Yeti Fly are now based in Wiltshire and have recorded the beautiful 'Make A Ring' album which is the perfect accompaniment to an English autumn. This collection opens with 'Start Listening', a purely sublime and gentle acoustic ramble with sweet, warm vocals lead by Lorna Somerville and perfectly harmonised by Darren Fisher. 'Blue Yonder' picks up the pace a little with the double bass bobbing back and forth while the violin (provided by the excellent Annie Bayliss) and gentle strum weave in and out. 

A hypnotic mandolin introduces 'Firewood' which picks up a pace that is as hypnotic as it is infectious before 'Dreamer' settles you down in a warm blanket and tells you a story to take away your troubles. 'A Simple Idea' is as pure an English folk track as you could hope for while 'Entwined' wraps you in memories, regrets and hazy summer days that feel as far away as they feel like yesterday. The gentle and deft playing on this album is as stunning dew on a spider's web and that is brilliantly evident on 'Heads Above Water' that drops notes like raindrops on warm soil with playful ease.  

On 'Honeybee' the duo takes on a more Jazz inspired style that gives the song a performative vibe and would sit beautifully alongside Mae Karthauser or Harbottle & Jonas. 'See You On the Other Side' is as soft and soothing as a song can be but with hazy, sad hue which is soon dispelled by 'Lost on the Wheel' which will loosen the most tense of shoulder blades with its gorgeous vocal harmonies and lazy lilt. The sheer beauty of 'Stay Humble' genuinely brought a lump to my throat and a tear to my eye as the message and melody combine perfectly to make a song so full of goodness that it will do your soul good. The album closes on title track 'Make a Ring' and that autumnal atmosphere is still in strong voice as the swooning guitars and warm, rich vocals keep the cold out and stoke the fire as the dog and cat lay down to warm themselves. If you're looking for a pure, honest and beautiful artistic experience then look no further. Like I said, absolutely perfect music for this time of year. 

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Live Dates: 

4th December - The Village Pump, Trowbridge w/Tamsin Quin

19th December - The Ropemakers, Bridport

9th January - Queen Vic, Stroud