Fake Turins - Afterwards 

Release Date: Out Now

On first seeing the press shot for North London collective Fake Turins, I was tempted to believe that this was the new ad campaign for H&M but I never judge a band by their press shot (well, rarely) which is how I ended up revelling in their new single, 'Afterwards'. A sultry bass line and beats combo gets us moving before an understated piece of spoken word drifts in from the corner like the fragrent and unmistakable of a freshly lit joint. Various instruments waft in and out building in to a blissfully disorientating swirl that feels like LCD Soundsystem recording live at Abbey Road with a small orchestra and all the time in the world. A glorious mess - like a king size bed the morning after a night of unbridled passion. 

More information: https://www.facebook.com/fake.turins