Elkyn - Everything Looks Darker Now 

Release Date: Out Now

Aside from a potential Christmas track, this is probably the last track of 2021 from Leeds' Elkyn and it's been a hell of a year for the solo act. 'Everything Looks Darker Now' finds Joey Donnelly in gently reflective mood as his lush guitar notes ring out in the icy, cool air and you can see each vocal as the breaths turn in to little clouds in the air. As a gentle bass line and some sparkling keys are added to the mix and slowly stirred in, the song swells with emotion and weight without losing the deftness of touch. There's an album due out next year and I fully expect it to be a sombre but simultaneously uplifting delight to behold. 

More information: https://www.facebook.com/Elkynband 

Live Dates: 

24/11/21 Fulford Arms York

27/11/21 The Snugg Coffee House Atherton

28/11/21 Oporto Leeds

12/12/21 Delicious Clam Sheffield

18/03/22 Hyde Park Book Club Leeds

19/03/22 Fulford Arms York

20/03/22 The Castle Manchester

24/03/22 Scale Liverpool

25/03/22 JT Soar Nottingham 

26/03/22 The Flapper Birmingham

27/03/22 Duffy's Leicester

29/03/22 Strongrooms London

30/03/22 Folklore Rooms Brighton

01/04/22 Clifton Community Bookshop

02/04/22 Tiny Rebel Cardiff

Watch the Video: