Colour TV - Is That You EP (Tip Top Recordings)

Release Date: Out Now

Cornish newcomers Colour TV are very much in their infancy, musically speaking, but their debut EP 'Is That You' is surprisingly accomplished. Opening track 'Billy Pilgrim' is a swaggering, Smith-esque number with a real sense of style overlaying the substance and some bass playing that will have you drawn in from the get-go. 'Charlie' is a little more direct and punchy with a Blondie vibe to the music but that swooning vocal keeping this firmly grounded in the indie British scene albeit with a knowing nod to Brandon Flowers. 

Proceedings slow down on 'The Book of Her Life' but again the bass playing brings warmth and weight while the storytelling and kitchen sink drama unfolds on a grey Tuesday afternoon. The EP finishes off on 'In Your Cathedral', a song with a darker, moodier tone that brings to mind Placebo or My Vitriol as it builds in to something with huge, unavoidable power coming towards you like a dark wave that you don't want to run from in any way. This is a stunning debut whichever way you look at it but I am confident that there is more to come from these four lads so mark Colour TV down as ones to watch in 2022. 

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