Chaii - Pineapple Pizza EP (Bigpop Records)

Release Date: Out Now

It's been an outstanding year for New Zealand based artist Chaii and she's capping it of with a superb six track EP, 'Pineapple Pizza'. Opening with the title track, a lounge bar piano melody soon gives way to Chaii's unique flow, blissed out chords and the pop'n'crackle percussion that brings this tune to life. Next up is Chaii's anthem 'Might Just' which is full of the kind of energy that makes you want to hit the club and find yourself a nice corner booth to people watch and take it easy. On 'Mano Tou' Chaii speaks to her Persian heritage with guest Chvrsi as the dusky beats and mellow vocals make the most of the bass throb to mix genres and melt your mind. 

'Get It Done' was sublime as a single but embedded in to this EP it is an ode to standing on your own two feet, living life your own way and not taking any shit from anyone else - it's also the only song I know with a verse about snorkling around fish. Some of you may recognise 'Oh Nah Yeah' from a current car advert in the UK but before that deal was made this was already an absolute banger of a track that, to be far, is perfect for driving around at night too. The single version of 'Might Just' closes the EP out with Kings and eleven7four adding their own flavours to the mix for a different and entirely worthwhile take on an already great track. Chaii has ruled 2021 and this EP is just evidence of that dominance so 2022 better be on high alert because there is more to come and no prisoners will be taken. 

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