The Allergies - Promised Land (Jalapeno 

Release Date: Out Now

God bless the Allergies and their scratchy, funky, sample-based party grooves. Just when you thought the world was going to shit and the only people still having a good time were soulless politicians at the Tory party conference, here come the good-time duo with an album of absolute bangers to lift you out of the gutter. The album opens with the pair of recent singles 'Lean On Me' featuring Dynamite MC and 'Love Somebody' which should be on the NHS - take two of these and call me in the morning if you're not feeling better already. Title track 'Promised Land' is a seriously funky slice with scratchy guitars and the kind of uplifting mood that will have you shouting out impromptu 'Hallelujahs' and 'Amen' as you walk around Primark with this on your headphones. 

The bass groove on 'New Thing' is a thing of absolute soul beauty with a Sly and the Family stone vibe that almost demands you hand clap along. Long time collaborator Andy Cooper joins the fun on 'Utility Man' as the bass goes for a strut allowing the MC to let it flow rapidly and infectiously over the top. 'Move On Baby' will be familiar to many with it's Latin inspired grooves, addictive horns and the kind of rhythm that goes straight to your hips. Lyrics Born steps up to the mic on 'Going to the Party' where the vibe is that of a movie montage of folks getting ready to head out to a party whether it be a Prom or a weekend in Vegas. Cooper returns with Marietta Smith for 'Are You Ready?' and honestly if you're not dancing by now then you've bigger problems than just a lack of rhythm - you might just be lacking in a soul. 

'Working On Me' has a road trip vibe that the Blues Brothers would firmly approve me as the James Brown guitars and rolling beat keep you moving and grooving. That party energy keeps going with 'Jumping Off' as a 90s Big Beat flavour joins in with the retro funk'n'roul atmosphere although the latter takes back the steering wheel on 'The Beat' which wouldn't be out of place on a Shaft soundtrack. Penultimate track 'Up Down Left Right' once again combines the furious flow of Andy Cooper with the earthy delights of Marietta Smith's soulful voice to devistating effect before we launch in to the grand finale. 'You' is a love song, sure, but it's also a booty call and with funk, soul and beats this huge you'd be a cold hearted fool to turn this one down. The Allergies might just have saved our souls with soul and if that's not a good enough reason to buy this album then just get it for the party vibes. 

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