Katy Hurt - Sounds Good In A Bar 

Release Date: 8th October 2021

Rising British country star Katy Hurt has started making waves across the world and new single 'Sounds Good In A Bar' will do nothing to slow that progress down. This is one of Hurt's slower numbers but the slide guitar and lamenting melodies are sumptuous as is the vocal which sounds just like a young Dolly Parton. Then you've got the lyrics that deal with the grind of dead end jobs that you do just to keep a roof over your head and those astounding country vocals. Oh, I already mentioned those? Well, I stand by it. Katy Hurt has one of the best country voices around today. 

More information: https://www.facebook.com/KatyHurtMusic

Live Dates: 

07/10 - O2 Academy, London
10/10 - The Square Tower, Portsmouth
15/10 - The Big Comfy Bookshop, Coventry
16/10 - The Met, Bury
29/10 - FortyFive Vinyl Cafe, York
30/10 - The Vault, Hexham
04/11 - Chapel Arts Centre, Bath
07/11 - Symphony Hall, Birmingham