Jones - Blue Sunshine EP 

Release Date: Out Now

Yet again, the quietly brilliant Jones has pulled together an EP of soulful excellence for your enjoyment. The 'Blue Sunshine' EP gets started with recent single 'Around' featuring Nardeydey which, if you haven't already had the pleasure, is the perfect love song for that point in your relationship when you realise that you can't even do the simple things without your beau. 'Read My Mound', by contrast, is a more playful and uptempo track that will appeal to Corinne Bailey Rae fans as Jones' soulful voice drifts airily atop the simple beat and understated melody. 

Title track 'Blue Sunshine' is a masterpiece that fuses soul, trip-hop beats, gorgeous Motown guitars and Jones' stunning vocal to create the kind of song that you just want to wrap yourself up in and watch the rain roll down the window. 'Yoga of Relationship' has one of the best bass and beat combos I've heard in a long time and when the groove of Jones' vocal joins in you just want to float away on the Sade-esque vibes and, honestly, I wouldn't recommend fighting that urge. The EP finishes up with 'Uniform' with the guest talents of Joe Armon-Jones and some Jazz-inspired piano melodies that zip and ping while the beat and Jones' voice provide a beautiful yin and yang to keep the energy in the song at just the right level. I'm pretty sure I've said this before but Jones is one of the most talented yet underrated vocal talents around and this EP only serves to reinforce that opinion. Scratch that, this isn't opinion, it's fact. FACT. 

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