Fluff - Barbed Wire Braces EP 

Release Date: Out Now

Fluff is the moniker of a one man punk rock project from Exeter and 'Barbed Wire Braces' is his aces new EP that you should give over some time to. The six track collection opens with 'Mad Ting Sad Ting' which enters in a flurry of guitars and the kind of beat that stutters in to life before the whole thing errupts in to the kind of furious tune that will have parents banging on bedroom doors asking kids to turn it down. 'Grinner' continues the energy with a Jamie T meets Liam Lynch via a drum machine vibe while 'Property Value' mixes in a little influence from the Clash but with the swagger of Arctic Monkeys and Andrew W.K. for good measure. 

Title track 'Barbed Wire Braces' continues the oddball processed punk theme with a beat that sounds like Animal losing his shit with a roll of bubble wrap and an angrily shouted nursery rhyme of a chorus, "yes sir, yes sir, three bags full sir". '21Thunder' is the prog track on the EP at just under five minutes in length but that doesn't stop it hitting as hard as Sleaford Mods with slick guitar work running all the way through like a stick of Brighton rock. Final track 'Ninety9' is the end of the night in music form as the lights come on with the feedback still ringing in your ears and a sudden realisation that you've been dancing with a recycling bin all night. Chaotic, infectious and a whole lot of fun but not without its substance either. Bravo, Fluff, bravo.