Elkyn - Found The Back Of The TV Remote 
(Tambourine Machine Records)

Release Date: Out Now

You know that thing where you meet the friend of a friend and wind up getting up closer to the friend of the friend than you were to the original friend? Yeah, well that's how I feel about Leeds' Elkyn...for some reason. 'Found The Back of the TV Remote' is the latest release from the nu-folk troubadour and it has an uplifting sadness to it like Noah Gundersen or Johnny Cash dueting with Bruce Springsteen. The chugging bass and punchy drums give Elkyn's understated vocal just enough space to breathe, creating some Bon Iver-esque atmosphere going in to the swell of the chorus. This is the kind of song you want to hang out with and maybe go to the record fair with. 

More information: https://www.facebook.com/Elkynband 

Live Dates: 

Friday 15th October – Fulford Arms, York

Friday 22nd October – Bobiks, Newcastle

Friday 12th November – Folklore Rooms, Brighton

Sunday 14th November – The Wight Bear, Bournemouth.