Cherym - Hey Tori EP (Alcopop! Records) 

Release Date: Out Now

Derry's Cherym have dropped their new EP, 'Hey Tori', and this might just be your last chance to get in early enough to say you loved them before they were massive. The Northern Irish trio (trio is an annogram of Tori, coincidence?) kick off with the rampant and unrelenting pop-punk of 'Listening to my Head' which will lift you out of whatever funk you might find yourself in - it's a suckerpunch of a start. 'Kisses on my Cards', by contrast, is a darker, moodier number which still retains the trademark charm of the vocals while the guitars are lower slung and rumble with menace. 

The furious drumming that introduces 'We're Just Friends' makes you think this is going to be a blod'n'snotter punk song but there's more melody in here and that's what Cerym do so well as the vocal harmonies dance playfully with the rolling guitars. 'Gone Girl' is initially a little more reflective than its predecessors before emerging in to the kind of heartfelt punk'n'roll ballad in the vein of the Ataris. The EP closes out with 'She's A Lot Going On' which arrives in a flurry of drums and guitars that seem to be independent of each other but also somehow in tune. This final track is probably the most US radio friendly on this collection but, and this is the key, all of these tunes have crossover appeal so it is surely  just a matter of time before these three make it in to the hearts and homes of millions of people. 

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Live Dates: 

06th Oct - Paper Dress Vintage, London *
07th Oct - The Sunflower Lounge, Birmingham *
08th Oct - The Forum Basement, Tunbridge Wells *
09th Oct - Twisterella, Middlesborough *
10th Oct - Green Door Store, Brighton ^
11th Oct - The Boiler Room, Guilford *
12th Oct - The Talleyrand, Manchester *
13th Oct - Le Pub, Newport *
14th Oct - Heartbreakers, Southampton *
15th Oct - Exchange, Bristol *
16th Oct - Sneaky Petes, Edinburgh
17th Oct - The Hug and Pint, Glasgow*

w/ cheerbleederz^
w/ cheerbleederz + Arxx