Wooze - Get Me To A Nunnery (Young Poet) 

Release Date: Out Now

This is the fourth single from superb duo Wooze that I've had the pleasure of reviewing and they just get better and better each time. 'Get Me To A Nunnery' has a heaviness to the guitars and bass that feels like Muse meets Dinosaur Pile-Up but the melodies and structure are far more Young Knives in their eccentricity. The vocals are akin to a sleazy 50s gentleman chatting up young ladies in a pub but with a menacing glint that matches those guitars - they're so good they deserve two mentions in one review. The video is, as you might expect, brilliant as well so it's another bullseye from Wooze. 

More information: https://www.facebook.com/Woozeband 

Watch the Video: