Samuel Howard - The Next Thousand Years EP 

Release Date: 3rd September 2021

Cornish singer-songwriter Samuel Howard has been away from the scene for a while doing, well, life I guess. But he's come back to us now with a new five track EP in the shape of 'The Next Thousand Years' and it is a glorious return. The first song, 'Head Over Heels', sighs in to existence with a bit of piano noodling rich in soul and heavy of heart before Howard's vocals join in like the janitor singing after all the party people have gone home. If you don't instantly fall in love with Howard's honest and smooth voice as well as his equally soul-baring songwriting then you need get your ears (and your heart) checked. Title track 'The Next Thousand Years' is a more polished tune that blends elements of Springsteen, Elbow, Brother & Bones and a real sense of sending out a message to anyone open to listening. 

One of Howard's distractions of recent years has been becoming a dad so 'A Father's Worry' comes very much from the heart as the plucked acoustic notes and heartfelt lyrics encapsulate just what it is to be a normal guy suddenly propelled to the lofty and privileged position of father with tones similar to Jamie Yost. 'You And I' is similar in tone and fragility to the previous track but there's more sadness and regret dripping off this one and we've all been there at least once, haven't we? The final track of the EP is 'Came And Went' which feels like a lullaby in its slightly dreamy tone but there's something else in there that I can't quite put my finger on which gives this a classic, almost timeless quality. A great EP and great return after a long break. 

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