Grip-Like Vice - Get Inside, Go Nowhere 

Release Date: 17th September 2021

There has been a slow-burn of a buzz around Cornish quartet Grip-Like Vice but I've a funny feeling that this latest release might just turn that smolder in to tangible flames. 'Get Inside, Go Nowhere' is distinctly heavier than previous releases and puts me in mind of bands like Shihad, Biffy Clyro and My Vitriol but that is not to say that the band have lost their trademark knack for finding a melody and crafting a song. The repeated and desperate chorus refrain of "get inside, go nowhere" perfectly sums up the feeling of many people over the last 18 months as boredom, malaise and frustration build up. There's an album coming later and if the rest of the material is anything like this first release then we are in for quite a treat. 

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