Rosk - Let Them Be 

Release Date: Out Now

From Mexico City to Vanouver to Boston and back to Mexico, that has been the life and musical journey of Rosan Sashida - the creative force behind Rosk. New single 'Let Them Be' combines all the influences and learnings of that journey (and more) to create a truly spellbinding piece of music with equally enthralling accompanying visuals. A child-like melody is picked out on the keys and the rest of the instruments build up behind it to turn something seemingly simple in to a beautifully layered and intoxicating experience. The song itself is essentially asking humans to give animals a break and stop using them for our own ends which works perfectly with a melody that has various animalistic qualities from the skittish bird to the lumbering hippo and a whole host in between. Certainly one of the most unique and beautiful pieces of music from 2021 and that is really saying something. 

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