Poppy Ackroyd - Seedling (One Little
Independent Records)

Release Date: Out Now

Composer, performer, pianist, magic weaver. All these could and do apply to the stunningly talented Brighton based artist Poppy Ackroyd and if you haven't already encountered her work then I urge you to do so now. Right now. Go on, I'll wait. For the rest of you, 'Seedling' is a first missive from Ackroyd's hugely anticipated new album due out in November and it is a delicate delight. The piano dances with fluidity and grace at her command as the notes seem to spell out the change from summer to autumn. Seeds falling and finding a warm home for the winter before bursting in to life again to continue the cycle. Imagine sitting down at a piano (or any instrument for that matter) and writing a piece of music that beautifully captures the life cycle of a seed. We are lucky to be alive in the time of Poppy Ackroyd. 

More information: https://www.facebook.com/poppyackroydsounds

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