Hannah Anders - Redneck Riding Hood 

Release Date: Out Now

Self-proclaimed vocal powerhouse Hannah Anders brings a new twist to the age old story of a little girl going to visit Granny with her entertaining new single 'Redneck Riding Hood'. Best enjoyed along with the video, this take on proceedings finds the heroine of the tale lounging luxuriously in her trailer made for two before launching in to a country-rock chorus that's full of Shania Twain confidence and determination. The guitars chug, the drums punch and the melody snakes around you but it's Anders' powerful vocal that steals the show with lung busting appeal. Honestly, if anyone from the world of musical theatre is looking for a good new idea then the world of fairy tales played out in the trailer parks of the mid-west might just be a winner and this will be the centre piece of the show. 

More information: https://www.facebook.com/HannahandersMusic

Watch the Video: