Whistlebelly - Chicken Fucker 

Release Date: Out Now

Devon deliquants Whistlebelly are coming barreling out of their lockdown more like they've been involved in a 15 month lock-in but then the same could be said of these guys any day of any week in any year. The plain talking new single 'Chicken Fucker' is swampy country blues with a healthy dose of Hayseed Dixie meets O Brother, Where Art Thou? The rasping vocals, honky tonk piano, pulsating bass and superb guitar playing all work brilliantly together, stitched together by a tight af drum beat. So, strap on a pair of dungarees and get down to their next hoedown. It'll a right proper knees up. 

More information: https://www.facebook.com/whistlebellyofficial

Watch the Video: