Jules Buckley & the Heritage Orchestra - Apache (Decca Records)

Release Date: Out Now

The classicalisation of dance music has been a bit of a phenomenon over recent years and, if I'm honest, one that I applaud as a way of crossing people from one genre or live experience to another and back again. Jules Buckley has been at the forefront of this development and so this forthcoming album with the Heritage Orchestra ('The Breaks') looks to be a real treat. That opinion is backed up by the superb new single by the ensemble, their take on 'Apache' (originally by the Shadows but made immortal by the Sugarhill Gang, of course). But what is there to say about this track? Well, the trademark bongos and horns are still there as you would hope and expect but the subtle difference comes in the melody which has a smoother tone to it while the organ does it's slathering thang all over the place. If you don't know the track already, however, then you're a) in for a treat and b) well done on escaping from the cave you have been living in for a fair few decades. 

More information: https://twitter.com/julesbuckley