Jamila & The Other Heroes - Border Syndrome احلام
بلا حدود (Springstoff/slowtrane)

Release Date: Out Now

One of my favourite things about writing this blog is discovering music from all over this wonderful planet in different languages and with different influences. I'll admit that I had to Google translate the Arabic part of this song title to give the complete message of 'Border Syndrome Unlimited Dreams' but that just makes the experience of listening to Jamila & The Other Heroes that much richer. Although Berlin based, this collective is full of international flavours, experiences and stories to tell. As a scratchy guitar riff and vocals snake around each other, they flow easily from middle-eastern melodies to more western structures with ease - fitting perfectly with the theme of the song. There's a breakdown with something that feels like a menacing Rage Against the Machine rap speaking from the perspective of experience, injustice and prejudice. Jamila & the Other Heroes are the band we need in the world right now singing the songs that need to be heard to give a voice to millions who are told they don't have a voice worth hearing. Vital stuff. 

More information: https://www.facebook.com/jamilaandtheotherheroes/