Elliot Lee - Queen of Nothing EP (Photo Finish 

Release Date: Out Now

Brooklyn's Elliot Lee brings her new EP, 'Queen of Nothing', to the party and it is a five track selection that deserves your attention more than most. The EP opens with the title track 'Queen of Nothing', which fizzes with rock-pop energy whilst leaning on classical melodies and brooding beneath the surface as though ready to pounce like a cross between Panic! At The Disco and Billie Eilish. 'La La Land' continues with the child-like influences in the melodies but a Sia meets Katy Pery vibe takes over in the beats and bass to give this an almst flirtatious edge. 

On 'Pink (Freak)', Lee sings sweetly in the evening mist before a rumbling beat and a choir of the disowned, disallusioned and disenfranchised line up ready for battle against those that would marginalise and sideline anyone who feels or thinks differently. The Hip-Hop swagger of 'Drama Queen' is a different direction musically but the vibe is still there of someone, as Lee says, "just trying be happy". Closing out on 'Rubies', this EP comes to a climax with a Doja Cat-esque track but with all the sinister energ of carolesdaughter mixed inbetween the guitars and strings. Elliot Lee is a prodigious and ecclectic talent and one that other artists will be clamouring to work with if they have any sense. 

More information: https://www.facebook.com/elliotleemusic 

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