Arizona Law - Still Waiting (On Scallops) 

Release Date: Out Now

Plymouth noiseniks Arizona Law have come screaming out of lockdown with new single 'Still Waiting (On Scallops)' so maybe keep your daughters locked up a little longer, eh? The punk vibe is strong as the guitars come at you like machine gun fire while the drums strike hard to the chest only to be soothed by the vocal harmonies. The delivery of lines like "I don't want to spend my life wasting time" is dripping in the frustration of a thousand musicians who have been stuck indoors under the weight of creative expectation while delivering your Amazon parcels to keep a roof over their heads. The time has nearly come to dust off your blackest of black t-shirts, order  a pint of cider and a Jager chaser, and get to rockin'. Only one thing lads - a five and a half minute punk song? That's borderline prog. 

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