Alesund - A Thread In The Dark EP 

Release Date: Out Now

If you're looking for some new music to sooth your soul and reinvigorate your Chakras, then you have absolutely come to the right place. This new release from Bristol quartet Alesund (possibly named after the West Coast Norwegian port town), open up with the supremely uplifting 'Existence is a Rhythm' which has a shuffling beat, gentle guitars and piano which all fade in to the background as the beautifully pure and serene vocals of Alba take the spotlight. Handclaps and vocals introduce 'Lightning' which builds steadily in to the kind of tune that Florence + The Machine might produce after a month long writing session under the Northern Lights. 

'Pressure Point' has a more introspective and autumnal vibe with the vocals coming down a notch in terms of power and the meandering guitars wrapping around you like a warm, woven blanket. The EP finishes on 'Dawn Chorus' which features disorientating bird song and some more Florence-esque chords but that voice is so unmistakable and stunning - somewhere between a Disney princess calling the animals to help with chores and the pure pop class of the likes of Sia or Zoe Johnston. The melodies, vibes, energy and performances put in to this EP are all perfectly balanced ingredients of a delicately flavoured soup that will both nourish and delight the senses so grab a spoon and dig in.