Simone - Love Lessons EP 

Release Date: Out Now

New York teen Simone has jumped straight in to my inbox with her new EP, 'Love Lessons', it genuinely is love at first listen. Kicking off with 'Kissing Strangers', Simone delivers a story of fragility with supreme confidence that would fit in well on a playlist with the likes of DYLYN and Katy Perry. 'Girl Like Me' follows on with some more urgent alt-pop melodies and an itchy, uncertain energy that comes from adolescence a dealing with emotions when you're not ready (is anyone ever ready?) and it makes me want to revisit bands like Belly and Veruca Salt in the best way. 

The acoustic strum of 'Wine' feels like a Jack Johnson track before the dusky vocals and clubby beat join in to make this far more Billie Eilish-esque in vibe. Similarly, 'everything/nothing' has a dreamy, dopey feel to it as the vocals speak in hushed tones while 'Boy of My Dreams' perfectly encapsulates the feeling of knowing how everything is going to pan out (for better or worse) but jumping in feet first anyway - all set to an acoustic strum and steady beat that borders Miley Cyrus alt-country. 

The EP closes out with 'Who Do You Think You Are?', a song that deals with the end of a relationship but, more importantly, shows off just how accomplished, earnest and real the songwriting of Simone is. Coupled with her gorgeous and versatile vocal, never have the words singer and songwriting gone together so well for someone of such a tender age. 

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