Molly Burman - Debt (Prolifica Inc) 

Release Date: Out Now

So, here we have a song about unwanted attention and feelings of body ownership from the female perspective set to an incredibly catchy and upbeat melody which is, I reckon, going to catch a fair few off guard. That, however, is the brilliance of Molly Burman's songwriting as expertly displayed on new single 'Debt'. The deadpan 70s disco vibes are instantly infectious but then the lyrics convey a more direct message; "Just because you bought me a drink, doesn't mean I owe you a thing".Burman's vocals are sweet and pure but that just makes the lyrics hit home harder ("you're wearing a face like a slapped arse", "I am not your confidence boost"). Great song, great message, perfect delivery and an amazing video which credits all the dancers and extras at the end which is a great touch. 

Watch the Video: