MALMØ – The Inevitable End EP 

Release Date: 11th June 2021

Supremely talented Dane MALMØ is back with her new EP, ‘The Inevitable End’, which is a five part movement of glacial beauty and stunning soundscapes. The EP opens up with ‘Frostbite – I’ creeping in to life with cinematic sound building like the sun rising over icy tundra before that gorgeous voice joins in to purity and tone to die for. ‘No Words – II’ is up next with skittish, scattering percussive rhythms soon joined by a bubbling bass line and an electro-Jazz vibe that is somewhere between Bjork (musically) and Kimbra (vocally).

On ‘Farewell Roaring Ocean – III’ MALMØ creates an impish and ethereal vibe before ‘Bleed Me Dry – IV’ creates Pagan-Electro as a new genre that might just be the sound the world needs right now. Suitably, the EP closes with ‘The End – V’ and thundering, tribal drums in the distance but forlorn horns in the foreground making for a sombre and disorientating listen. If I had to describe MALMØ in a word it might be composer, artist or visionary but why use one word where five songs will suffice?

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