Shlug - Scent of Roy Keane (Disobedient Records)

Release Date: 28th May 2021

Cardiff noise punks Shlug have signed to Disobedient Records to release their debut single, the marvellously titled 'Scent of Roy Keane' which sounds like the kind of after shave you'd find in the bargain bucket in Wilko's. The furious bass playing of Ethan Poole gets us going apace before the rest of the band join in and immediately you're transported to a sweaty dive bar with bodies, pints and sweat flying in all directions. Shlug have a Sex Pistols meets Fontaines D.C. swagger to them which works well with the Those Fucking Snowflakes-esque raw punk energy which means the song has finished before I have written the review. Blistering doesn't even come close. 

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