Lucia Cifarelli - Girls Like Me 

Release Date: Out Now

So, two things to note here. Firstly, Lucia Cifarelli comes from New York, spends time in Germany but you can tell she's the kind of person that is always in the right place at a time that is fashionably just after the right time. Secondly, on first listening to this track and without seeing any pictures, I was semi-convinced that this was a new Madonna track and a real return to form for Madge at that so this track got me very excited. 'Girls Like Me', however, is entirely down to Cifarelli and the rippling EDM melodies soon get a lift off with a pumping club beat and then those Madonna-esque vocals. As the video attests, this is a shout to all women who are standing up for something, believing in themselves and supporting each other, and it is an intoxicatingly positive message set to an uplifting and infectious tune. 

Watch the Video: