FAANGS - I Don't Care 

Release Date: Out Now

Canada's FAANGS is back with playful alt-pop banger 'I Don't Care' which has the energy of a juiced up pre-teen but the attitude of someone who is beyond apologising for where they are in life. The child-like melody is pure Lily Allen but the vocals and lyrics come out of the Angie stable and you can hear crowds singing the chorus line of "I don't, I don't Care" back at FAANGS as they bounce, happy in their freedom and hedonism. Oh, and if lyrics like "It's 7am playing Kurt Cobain, I'm sipping that pink purple Gatorade" don't sum up the mood then you're just not going to get this song because it takes a special someone to pair Cobain and Gatorade up during songwriting camp. 

More information: https://www.facebook.com/FAANGSMusic

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