Weekend Debt - Nobody Everyone (Disobedient Records)

Release Date: Out Now

I've always had a soft spot for Scottish indie bands and Glasgow's Weekend Debt do nothing to sour that infatuation. 'Nobody Everyone' is a fast-paced romp through the city streets with a rhythm section doing battle for control while the guitars do their best to keep up. Lead singer Grant Scott has one of those voices that sounds great doing 100mph punk vocals but can slow it down to do more intimate or crooning styles as the song demands and the undulations of this one demand everything. If you like the rawness of the View, the frantic energy of early Arctic Monkeys and the melodies of Parliamo then Weekend Debt will be right up your alley - probably having a sneaky smoke and a kebab before heading to the next bar. 

More information: https://www.facebook.com/weekenddebt