Polly Paulusma - The Maid and the Palmer 
(Wild Sound/One Little Independent Records)

Release Date: Out Now

Time for another Polly Paulusma's beautifully re-imagined and re-crafted traditional folk songs which are fast becoming some of my favourite things. 'The Maid and the Palmer' is the perfect example of a murder ballad but even if you don't listen to the tail spun out by the lyrics you'll pick up the mood from the dark and swirling melodious strands created by Paulusma. The vocal is perfectly poised between innocent purity in the melody and a steely resolution that the protagonist needs. As the story and tune reaches the natural climax there is a frenzy of layered instruments and voices that create a heady and disorientating atmosphere before calming and ebbing away as if they were never there. Powerful and beautiful but soaked in darkness. 

More information: https://www.facebook.com/pollypaulusmamusic 

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